What is Ruby Exchange?

Ruby Exchange will be one of the world-class exchanges. It starts with a crypto exchange, but you will be able to exchange, buy, and sell everything on Ruby, from something tangible to something intangible. You will be able to exchange your passion on Ruby-X.
Project Ruby is one of the most massive projects in the crypto industry.

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Token Information

RBY is the key currency of Ruby-x, it will be paid as fee and could be transferred to other listed coins/tokens. Currently RBY is on ERC, but once Ruby-x mainnet is launched, RBY will be recreated on its own mainnet!

Token Sale Ends In
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Current Token Price
1 RBY = $0.22

Price varies. See HERE

Listing Price
1 RBY = $0.50

Tradable from 17th Sep

Total Sale (RBY)
Target ($)
$ 200,000,000
Acceptable Currencies
  • - BITCOIN - Min 0.1 BTC
  • - ETHEREUM - Min 1 ETH
  • - EOS - Min 100 EOS
Token Distribution
  • 30% Exchange Liquitdity
  • 26% Private Sale
  • 20% Frozen Tokens
  • 10% Public Sale
  • 9% Reserved
  • 5% Marketing
Fund Distribution
  • 40% Development
  • 20% Partners
  • 20% Exchange Liquidity
  • 10% Reserved
  • 10% Marketing

Merits of Ruby Token

We have raised funds from a numerous companies and individuals already, Only 10% of the total hardcap amount.

High Value

Limited Availability


See our plan, and watch our creativity

March 2018
Market Research

We have noticed bigger markets than crypto exchanges. Ruby will create all new ecosystem. It will be bigger than whatever you expect.

May 2018

We have hired 13 employees and built our intrastructure to publish our exchange on Aug. The project has been named "Ruby".

June 2018
Private Sale

We have raised more than $3 millon from institutions, partners, and indivisuals. All parties have been agreed with having tokens frozen for 2 years.

July 2018
Alpha Test

Our staff and all our partners will test the crypto exchange platform first to detect bugs and errors from the late July 2018.

August 2018
Beta Test

Everyone can jump on our platform and experience Private Fund Management Platform. Trading Competition is also waiting for you. We will show you how to be a winner without a single trading.

September 2018
Official Service

Ruby Crypto Exchange starts its journey. From now on, you can trade RUBY tokens you will buy from this page. Starting price will be $0.50.

Nov 2018
Advanced Mobile Trading Platform

We will launch our highly advnaced mobile trading platform. This will be the first step to replace your "Apple Pay" or "Android Pay".

January 2019
First Dividend

Ruby will share 40% of its profits with Top 5,000 RBY holders. We will finalize and pay your devidend for the late quarter of 2018 within 30 calendar days.

2Q 2019
AI Trading Platform

The most decent AI Trading Robot against the huge market participants. This platform will help anyone in RubyX to make profits.

3Q 2019
Ruby Mainnet Development

Ruby Mainnet Dev Start. Multi-language support. Dapps can be written in JavaScript and Python.

1Q 2020
Testnet Launching

We will exchange your old RBY(ERC-20) tokens to new Ruby coins before the mainnet comes. We have a lot of stuff to do on this stage!

4Q 2020
Ruby World Forum

We will host the 1st Ruby World Forum to introduce our mainnet and "Ruby I". You will be told why you must use Ruby Network!

Year 2021
"Ruby II" Development

"Ruby II" is the more advanced version of "Ruby I". This is the process to unify all crypto world. This platform is now more powerful with our mainnet.

Year 2022
Crypto Fund Audit Platform

We expect that tons of private funds based on cryptocurrencies will be on this planet soon. We will open Crypto Fund Audit Platform. We will invest through this platform as well.


Our Key Currencies

Check out our key currencies!


Our Mobile App

Ruby will launch the most advanced mobile trading platform. This will eventually replace your classic payment methods! Tap and Pay is just old-school. App will convert your cryptocurrencies to your fiat currency.


If you have any questions regarding RUBY TOKEN SALE,
please contact us.